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Build a Salary with
GitHub Sponsors

GitHub Sponsors is an incredible way to fund your Open Source but most Open Source developers are not getting the most out of it.

Getting people to sponsor you is hard

Struggling to get more people to sponsor you for the work you do on Open Source is a very common problem among Open Source Developers.

Your users already trust you

People are already using what you built for free and they are trusting you.

  • Software

    You write the software they use

  • Documentation

    You write the documentation they read

  • Support

    You solve the problems and questions they have

Releasing educational content for my open source work allowed me to grow my GitHub Sponsors from $40k to $100k/yr in just a few months. It's a win-win: the community gets help/education using my projects, and I get to work on them full-time, giving them the attention they deserve.

Create posts only for your Sponsors

Nobody knows your software better than yourself. Teaching something you are passionate about makes the difference.

  • Articles

    Transform the problems you face or answer into teaching content that will drive even more people into your Open Source project.

  • Videos

    Video courses have shown to be major source of income for teachers. It does require some learning to get them right but developers will trust your content because you know the software better.

Give users an incentive to sponsor you

Choose who can access your posts

Only the people you decide will have access to your posts.

  • Specific users

    Give access to specific GitHub users.

  • Sponsor tiers

    Give access to sponsors who are donating you at least some amount.

  • Everybody

    Or simply make it fully accessible by everybody.

Out of the box beautiful sharing cards

We take care of the meta tags so preview cards are beautiful and more likely to be visited.

Pricing Sponsoring

Getting started is completely free and we take 0% of your sponsor money. Test out the proposed model, if it works, support it by sponsoring the author!.

  • Starter tier

    Publish up to 15 posts, private or public and test out if this models works for you, completely free.

  • Sponsor Tier

    Sponsor Eduardo, the creator of this project, for $10 a month to completely remove the post limit.

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