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Eduardo San Martin Morote

Member of the @vuejs core team Speaker, trainer. From 🇪🇸, lives in 🇫🇷



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Named Routes - Vue Router 4

Alongside the path, you can provide a name to any route. This has the following advantages...

Programmatic Navigation - Vue Router 4

Aside from using <router-link> to create anchor tags for declarative navigation, we can do this programmatically using the router's instance methods...

Optional prefixes and suffixes in URLs with Vue Router

You can add static prefixes and suffixes to Vue Router paths with custom regexps but what if I told you there is a simpler way?

Write better composition functions with `unref`

When writing reusable composition functions, we use parameters to configure their usage. For example, if we write a function `useLocalStorage()`...

Dynamic transitions with Vue Router

Building transitions and animations with Vue Router is fairly straightforward if we use the same fading animation for every navigation...

Reactive query params that just work!

In search pages, it's very common for search parameters to be on the URL. That way, users can directly copy their browser's address bar and share...

Nested Routes - Vue Router 4

Some application's UIs are composed of components that are nested multiple levels deep. In this case, it is very common for the segments of the URL...

Displaying modals with Vue Router

Display modals without navigating away from a page while showing a different page when reloading like Twitter and Instagram.

Getting Started with Only Sponsors

Here are some recommendations to maximize your chances of creating a salary with GitHub sponsors

Dynamic Route Matching - Vue Router 4

Very often we will need to map routes with the given pattern to the same component. For example we may have a User component...

Getting Started - Vue Router 4

Get started with Routing and Vue 3 and learn the fundamentals to build a single page application with Vue.js